Just when Kate Middleton Fans thought they had seen every photo of everyone’s favorite shiny-haired princess and learned the whole there is to know about the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. BritishVogue goes and revealed three amazing facts about her that we’ve never took notice of it before!

Are you ready??? Let us give a breakthrough.


1. The usual breadth of shiny-haired princess Curls is 25mm. Yes, that’s right, British Vogue in some way deliberated Kate Middleton’s signature hair curls and they ring in at 25mm in diameter (that’s the cross-section dimension from side-to-side). In case you are speculating what 25mm is in inches (you guys in remedial math), it’s precisely about 1-inch—0.984252 inches. So that means if you want to have curls just like Kate Middleton you’ll need a 1-inch barrel width curling iron.


2. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Shows an Average of 8.6 teeth when she smiles. Yes, that’s right. British Vogue (certainly their interns) went through bazillion photos of Kate Middleton, counted her teeth in every photo and averaged it, revealed that 8.6 teeth. She may be showing more would be all un-royal-like.


3. Kate Middleton Really Likes Wearing blue and — boat neck tops. Yes, it’s also true. BritishVogue reviewed — according to their reckon. She dresses boat necklines 42% when making public appearances.


Now there you have it. If you desire to be just like Kate, try laying these three practices into your daily schedule, that are: curl your hair with a 1-inch barrel curling iron, show 8.6 teeth when you smile, and wear blue boatnecks a lot.